Our County Government


There are presently NO Democrats in any of the 18 State Representative or State Senate seats.

When you go to the polls every two years to vote for our counties state representatives, you’re not only voting for the 18 out of 400 individuals who will represent us in Concord, you are also voting for the 18 people who will form the Belknap Delegation. The delegation has oversight of the county budget. Among the services the delegation has oversight of are the Belknap County Nursing Home, Sheriff’s Department, and House of Corrections. When there is balance, we have responsible people working hard to keep the county tax bill down while still providing these services. Over the last several years, however, New Hampshire has seen a surge in the Freestate, Libertarian, Tea party movement. This extremist arm of the Republican Party isn’t so much a single faction but a group, who combined are looking to dismantle our government. There is no greater example of this than what has happened in recent years in Belknap County. Since the last election this has led to defunding of our county services. When there is no balance, our county suffers.

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Many of our state elections have been decided by just a few votes. Do your research, be a responsible voter and DON’T STOP AT THE TOP, vote to the bottom of the ballot. If you need information on candidates please reach out, we’re here to help!