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Belknap County Delegation

The eleven towns and city of Laconia altogether have 18 State Representatives. Their responsibility is not only to make the laws in Concord but together they make up the Belknap County Delegation. The Delegation is responsible for overseeing the county budget, presented to them by our 3 County Commissioners. For more information about the county operations please visit their website here..

State Senate

District 2:  Tim Lang (R)
District 6:  Jim Gray (R)
District 7:  Dan Innis (R)
District 8:  Howard Pearl (R)

State Rep:

District 1:  Tom Ploszaj (R)

District 2: Matt Coker, (D)  Lisa Smart, (R)

District 3:  Juliet Harvey-Bolia (R)

District 4:  Travis O’Hara (R)

District 5: David Huot (D), Charlie St Clair (D)  Steven Bogert, (R) Mike Bordes (R)

District 6:  Harry Bean (R), Richard Beaudoin (R) ,Russell Dumais (R) , David Nagel (R)

District 7:  Paul Terry (R). Peter Varney (R), Barbara Comtois (R)

District 8: Doug Trottier (R), Nikki McCarter (R)

County Offices:

Sheriff:  Bill Wright (R)

Attorney: Andrew Livernois (R)

Treasurer:  Michael Muzzey

Deeds:  Judy McGrath

Probate:  Alan Glassman

Commissioner District 1: Peter Spanos (R)

Commissioner District 2: Glen Waring (R)

Commissioner District 3: Stephen Hodges (R)

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