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Lisa DiMartino

Lisa decided to run for public office again primarily to help shape public policy in positive way to benefit the health, safety and well-being of our citizens and communities.

Although always interested in social justice issues, Lisa became personally and passionately involved as a disability rights and public health advocate 27 years ago, when her son John Michael, was born with a rare genetic syndrome and Autism. From that point forward, Lisa began a journey of advocacy as a mother, volunteer, employee of a nonprofit agency, legislator, and consultant/advisor.

From 2012-2014, Lisa served as a New Hampshire State Representative for Gilford and Meredith. While there, Lisa was a member and Clerk of the Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee. She was also a member of the N.H. Suicide Prevention Council, and N.H. Long Term Care Committee.

Lisa currently serves on the New Hampshire Medical Care Advisory Committee, and the Dental Work Group, for the NH Medicaid system. In the past, Lisa has served on numerous committees and boards to include the N.H. Governor’s Commission on Disability, the Brain Injury Association Legislative Group, and the N.H. Coalition of Caring Committee. She also served as the Chair of the Disability Rights Center, Board of Directors, and was a member of the Board of Directors for the New England Genetics Group. Prior to her election as a State Representative, Lisa was a Legislative Liaison and Family to Family Coordinator for Lakes Region Community Services, Laconia, NH. Lisa also served as the Children’s Librarian at the Gilford Public Library for many years, where she enjoyed interacting with the community.
Lisa started providing consulting and advocacy services in 2010, which blossomed into Turning Point Advocates, LLC. All of Lisa’s advocacy work is volunteer, and services to assist our most vulnerable citizens is always provided pro bono.
For her advocacy, Lisa was honored to receive the Governor’s “Accessibility Award”, for leadership in the advocacy and implementation of the ADA, and integration of individuals with special needs into our communities. Lisa was also recognized as a “Public Health Champion” by the N.H. Public Health Association for influencing public health policy in a positive way, while serving as a State Representative.
Lisa earned a B.A. in Social Science from Rhode Island College, and attended the Social Work Graduate Program at the University of New England. She is also a graduate of the N.H. Leadership Program, UNH Institute on Disability.
Lisa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and lived throughout the United States before settling in Gilford with her family more than 25 years ago. She enjoys reading, gardening and staying active and fit.

Bob McLean

Bob McLean is a lifelong resident of Belknap County. Raised in Meredith, he moved to Gilford in 1994. He and his wife, Jennifer, have 3 children who attended Gilford public schools. Bob has worked as a Hospitality Manager for over 25 years but also worked in construction and as a ski instructor at Gunstock. In his spare time, he likes fishing, boating, skiing, golfing, and playing piano and going to concerts.

Bob is running for State Representative to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to raise families, vacation, and live in our wonderful area of New Hampshire. Among the issues Bob feels are important are:

The continued successful operation of Gunstock: Bob knows how fortunate we are to have the area and as a former ski instructor he would like to see it operating to its fullest potential. This means allowing the professionals to do their jobs and encouraging their economic growth. The Gunstock Area Commission should provide oversight without interference.

Education: Having raised children who attended Gilford’s exceptional public school system, Bob would like to ensure that our schools maintain the high levels of achievement and he would like to see better acknowledgement of  the excellent educators in our schools.

Addiction and homelessness: Mental health issues exist in Belknap County and Bob believes our towns need more support from Concord. Bob would like to carry on the work of his friend, Phil Spagnuolo, recognizing mental illness and homelessness as an economic issue that needs to be addressed.

Climate change: Climate change is real, and it is  very obvious. Whether created by man or just an act of nature there are data proven ways we can slow the process and Bob believes we should be working across the aisle to promote a healthier New Hampshire.

Women’s autonomy: Bob believes that women are fully capable of and should be trusted to make their own medical decisions and that these decisions belong between a woman and her doctor. As a representative Bob will work to codify that right.

Gun safety: While Bob acknowledges a person’s 2nd amendment right to own firearms, he feels that the time has come that we need more gun safety laws in the state to protect our children and citizens from becoming just another statistic.

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