District 1-Center Harbor, New Hampton

Sean Kavanagh

My name is Sean Kavanagh. I spent my professional life growing profitable businesses and I will bring this blend of entrepreneurship and leadership to the state house on behalf of the people of New Hampton and Center Harbor.

I’m a husband, father and grandfather and understand firsthand the importance of education and opportunity for the next generation. My family has spent countless hours skiing, boating and hiking in this beautiful state and I will make sure that we preserve our natural resources for decades to come.

I lead through inclusion. In business I brought diverse perspectives together to create innovative solutions for our clients, profits for our investors and a rewarding workplace for our employees. We also gave back through pro bono work with inner city youth, military veterans and social entrepreneurs. I will bring this combination of team effectiveness and community spirit to my role as your state representative.

In my local community I was a leader in my church who ran the annual capital campaign, sat on the standing committee, brought our youth group hiking in the White Mountains and directed the annual musical.

I am running for the office of New Hampshire State Rep for two reasons. First, to make government productive by ending partisan bickering and focusing on solutions for the real needs of everyday granite-staters. And second, for the next generation. We owe them a world in which they can thrive, get an education, find good-paying work and afford homes.

I’m an entrepreneur, an outdoors man, a father and a leader. And I will ensure the residents of Center Harbor and New Hampton have a voice in the state house. I will bring all sides together to create solutions so we can all live the best life possible in this beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

I really want to understand what is most important to you. Please contact me with your priorities, your questions, your suggestions. I’m here to listen!